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The Power Zone    lets you discover the power of a fulfilling practice...
If you're looking to open up that "something" that allows personal, physical, mental and spiritual fulfillment in your life, The Power Zone is the program for you!

Dr. Ron Oberstein


The Power Zone allows you to have access to the practice you've always dreamed of. The overall focus is to open you up on the inside so you become inner directed, reducing the need to look outside for answers.

The Power Zone shows you how to create balance in your life so you...

-Do more than just practice chiropractic, you live it.
-Let growth in your practice create more free time.
-Discover the happy medium between insurance and cash.
-Tell the chiropractic story without compromise.
-Wake up excited about starting your day!

We invite you to look around "AND" Remember ... Once you step into the Zone, it's hard to step out!


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When you are living the Chiropractic philosophy and principles at home, you will bring this same understanding to your practice. People will learn more from who you are than from what you say.


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